eSecurity India provides third-party pfSense technical support*

Initial pfSense setup and installation for your office.

Includes setting up your internet connection (leased line or broadband), LAN / DHCP, 3G modems.

Firewall Rules

We can help you optimize or setup your firewall rules to the most secure configuration for your requirements.


Assistance for port forwarding for CCTV / DVRs, NAT rules for assigning multiple static IPs.

Load Balancing / WAN Fail-over

Assistance to setup multiple ISP links in either a load balance or a fail-over configuration.

Website Blocking / Filtering

Assistance to help you block websites (either using DNS or using squid / squidguard).

Traffic Shaper

Assistance to help you divide / allocate bandwidth per IP address.

Captive Portal

We can help you setup and configure captive portal, vouchers, users and so on. We also provide technical support to large public Wi-Fi installations (Hotspots). If you are looking for a complete ISP management / billing solution, please contact us.


We can help you setup road warrior VPN for allowing employees to securely access corporate data or a site-to-site VPN for securely connecting multiple branches.


We can also help you setup routing – static or dynamic routing using OSPF.

Technical support is provided with the following methods:



Remote Support

Onsite Support

*eSecurity India is a third-party vendor and is not affiliated with pfSense in any capacity.